Sunday, 18 July 2010



a lot has happened since my last post, for example I've started working at my local library now. It's a big library so there's lots to do and the staff are great. It's so funny because as a child I used to role play as a librarian, setting my old scuffed books in a sort of square wall with me kneeling in the middle, issuing them to invisible readers, looking all important and intelligent ha-ha.

The illustration above is inspired by the pagan goddess Isis and the song Isis (or is it Is Is) by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Yay for Ancient Egyptians!

Friday, 2 July 2010

Flying Fox


It's quite late and my eyes are turning weird again, listening to The Resistance by Muse. The classical inspired pieces calm me down, while the exotically lilting tracks twirl my brain into a swirling frenzy of Paisleys and vivid colour. Great album; they took a gamble.

Anyhow this was a piece I produced just to help me think about the recent news on the media about those urban foxes mauling those poor children. I hope the fox doesn't become demonised and turned into the 'Big Bad Wolf' from The Little Red Riding Hood. The fox is quite a mythical creature - a sort of symbol in my mind, cunning, beautiful, agile, adaptable, cat-like but not quite.

"Counter balance this commotion,
We're not droplets in the ocean". - Muse