Saturday, 19 May 2012



I wanted to play around with a simple colour palette for once. I’ve included some process/detail images here too, because it wasn’t so messy/embarrassing.
Oh, and here’s a song by Best Coast: The Only Place - from their new album. It reminds me of the sun, Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Johnny and the Bomb - Educational Music Book


I've been working on some black and white commissions for the past few months. This one was from A&C Black and required producing some illustrations for  a musical adaption of - Johnny and the Bomb, A novel by Terry Pratchett. This would be designed for kids between 10-13 so upper primary school or lower secondary school. I think there was a TV adaption of the novel too, I'm sure it's floating around on Youtube somewhere.

This was an interesting one as I had to draw lots of illustrations with a stage with various characters standing in position (stage left, stage right, down-stage centre, etc.) I had to remember that the directions were from the actors point of view...not the audience, so recalled those fun/nerve-racking school plays I did, so it wasn't too bad. Any way, my favourite pieces are the costume ideas and they liked the job I did, yay! Oh! and I got to draw people of various colours, which is always a bonus.