Friday, 30 August 2013

'Hey Sis' Minicomic

This is a minicomic I did for The Pulp Girl’s first issue of The Pulp Zine. The theme for May is ‘Good Times’. It’s based loosely on Hey Sis, a song by Dum Dum Girls. I really fell in love with the song, although I have no idea what the exact lyrics are, (so if someone knows, please give meeee themmm). It’s about a little girl hanging out with her cool big sis. She really looks up to her and copies absolutely everything she does. She can’t wait to grow up so she can be like her. I can relate to her as I use to love hanging out with my big sis when I was really young. She used to work at Heathrow and have fancy-pants drinks all the time. I can remember she use to save those little cocktail umbrellas for me. I didn't understand why you’d want a tiny umbrella unless you were a teeny mouse or something. Big sisters are totally underrated so this is for them!

'Always Hear The Same Shit!', Mini-comic

This was a fun side project I started almost a year ago when a very upsetting incident took place regarding The Tuts and friends. I didn't know how to express my anger in any way other than through drawing. I wasn't there when it took place but it really saddened me. It’s clunky and awkward since I haven’t done anything comic-wise for absolutely ages but It helped me understand what The Tuts and friends had to go through.

Kate Nash Tour Poster Contest

This is my competition entry! Influences are from the 50s, girl gangs and The Tuts, (and Kate Nash of course). You like? Check out the other entries here.

Friday, 31 May 2013


I was chillin’ out with Tama here while everyone else got smelly at football. It was soooo sunny that day.

Colour Me Wednesday at Buffalo Bar, London, 13/4/13

Poor Colour Me Wednesday, most of them were recovering from sniffles and coughs they’d caught on The Tuts tour. The theme seems to have been blood red! Couldn’t take any good snaps, these are all I have :(

Jen's in her red short shorts.

Jen face burning away

Cool cat Carmela being cool.

Wednesday Addams & Mrs Munster Have Tea

I’ve been re-watching The Munsters and stuff about bats. Researching oolong tea, Listening to Colour Me Wednesday and The Tuts, and then I coughed up this as a side effect.

Happy-Dappy Wedding Illustration

Maria my work colleague wanted me to draw her son and daughter-in-law to be, so she could make a lovely personalised card for them.
Photo reference from their wedding photographers lovely website here.

Printing T-shirts and Patches!

Here are some snaps from a batch of printing t-shirts and patches a while back for The Tuts and Colour Me Wednesday. These were sold on the Kate Nash tour. Everyone worked so hard.

Plague: A Cross on the Door


I recently received copies of the above title, written by Ann Turnbull, and illustrated by me! This book will  be added to The National Archives and most likely the second one as well, which I am currently working on.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Sketchbook Stuff!

Just Some sketchbook work I've done lately!

Drew this ghostly lady whilst listening to Wish You Well by Dum Dum Girls. Such a lovely song *sigh*

...Of course, I'm anticipating the new Metal Gear Solid V game!

Listening to Colour Me Wednesday. I'll be creating some art for them soon for their new album!

Ahhhh, the lovely Perkie, do listen to her stuff. Her voice is like honey. I think she's secretly a member of Fox Hound but I'm not sure...

Haha, this is Dale, a contestant from Masterchef 2013. I just thought he'd look good as a sailor oright! Gawd. 

The Boss, Big Boss's mentor. One of the most human characters in the Metal Gear Solid franchise. She is amazing.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Colour Me Wednesday & The Tuts T-shirts/patches

Here are some process shots of some patches, tote bags and t-shirts we're making for The Tuts and Colour Me Wednesday. They'll be sold When The Tuts are touring the UK with Kate Nash in a few weeks.

Monday, 11 March 2013

'Thunderbird' and 'History of Disaster'


Here are some illustrations I did for two children's educational books for Triumph Learning. The top set titled: 'Thunderbird' and the second set, 'History of Disaster'