Wednesday, 12 October 2011



I got the B&W commission! The brief from A&C Black. They want me to do 10 illustrations for a children's fiction titled Petrify aimed at 12-15-ish year olds. Just completed the roughs and sent them off. They wanted atmosphere, creepiness and a sort of graphic novel look. Since it's B&W, I've been rummaging the library for graphic novels, comics and other B&W work. I was delighted to find Craig Thompson's Blankets - Absolutely stunning. The ink-work is fluid and very accomplished. I've been analysing it to death. It inspired me so much I went and bought his latest graphic novel titled Habibi, influenced heavily by Arabic calligraphy and a sort of romantic orientalism.

The illustration is of Raina from Blankets. I must must must read it!