Sunday, 30 January 2011

Goldilocks Final Artwork

It's been a while!

I thought I'd post some final artwork on Goldilocks. These are some of my favourite ones. I can't wait to see it in printed form of course! I'm just glad it's all finished... phew.

Oh, and you Must read, (or at least have a look at) the, Nausicaa: of the Valley of the Wind series, story and art by Hayao Miyazaki - it's such a great graphic novel. It's clearly an extension on the film but holds its own with tremendous originality. I borrowed the sereis from the library and am reading the last in the series. Some of the panels are just so beautiful in compositoin, I feel like cutting them out and pasting them onto my wall where I can stare at them and learn something. May be I'll buy them all one day. I've already got number 5 for 80p!! from a comic store at Harrow. It was just sitting there on it's own in a box of rejects with a bright yellow 'reduced price' label. Crazy Crazy.


I may be doing some artwork on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs *fingers Crossed*