Friday, 26 April 2013

Sketchbook Stuff!

Just Some sketchbook work I've done lately!

Drew this ghostly lady whilst listening to Wish You Well by Dum Dum Girls. Such a lovely song *sigh*

...Of course, I'm anticipating the new Metal Gear Solid V game!

Listening to Colour Me Wednesday. I'll be creating some art for them soon for their new album!

Ahhhh, the lovely Perkie, do listen to her stuff. Her voice is like honey. I think she's secretly a member of Fox Hound but I'm not sure...

Haha, this is Dale, a contestant from Masterchef 2013. I just thought he'd look good as a sailor oright! Gawd. 

The Boss, Big Boss's mentor. One of the most human characters in the Metal Gear Solid franchise. She is amazing.

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