Saturday, 28 March 2009

This is a pen, I mean a mongoose


I thought you'd like to meet Mongoose the mongoose. He's a character in the story and artwork I'm producing for the Macmillan children's book Competition. I've just finished a spread today: I've got a gazillion more to go but I'll get their.
Mongoose are hard to draw, (for me anyway), they're slender like cats but have a smaller longer head like a dog, but then again it doesn't quite look like a dog or a cat, more ferrety, but not quite. (ferrety?)
By the way the story doesn't include a cobra, although mongoose are more than happy to throw down the gauntlet when challanged by one.

1 comment:

Turnip head said...

Your Mongoose looks great!!!
Yeah Mongoose are hard to draw (or is that just my skill?)