Tuesday, 26 May 2009


These are some spreads from another concertian-book I made called 'Boldfish'. It's about a bold fish *dadum tish*, who leaves his shoal of fish and eats something peculiar then turns absolutely enormous.

This one isn't as strong narrative-wise as 'Dawn', should have worked on it longer, but it was fun anyhow.
Fish is a strange word, you can say 'lots of fish' or say 'lots of fishes', bleh. But then again if you're saying 'lots of...', is it necessary to add the 'es' at the end? bleh, bleh, bleh.


VyBe86 said...

i believe the plural 4 more than 1 fish is fish-I !???? :S

Turnip head said...

Nice work!!!
And I'm not sure on the fishes thing.

Emma Cowley said...

I think it's just fish for whatever quantity of them.