Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Lyra Silvertongue


I never got round to doing a satisfying illustration after I had read: His Dark Materials, that great trilogy by Philip Pullman, so I had a go.

Lyra is an extremely stubborn and feisty female character - quite tomboyish in fact, whereas her soul or her daemon as they call it in the novels is quite the opposite - prudent, down to earth, almost meek and shy.

I wanted to capture that small fleeting moment where she turns mellow as she shares her fondness and affection for Pan her companion, especially when they where faced with such hardships in that cold and harsh place known as Svalbard.

I think her eyes are too big and she looks a bit too young, and maybe I could have made Pan look more emotive, but it was fun any how.


Lalalou said...

Oo I love the illustration :D Her eyes are awsome!! xx

Jennifer said...

that's just tooo good!