Saturday, 27 February 2010

Pan and Abe, Abe and Pan


Just did some quick sketches then photoshoped them, (maybe I should have just kept them as sketches).

Anywho, these are two of my favourite fictional characters. Abe from Hellboy and Pan from Pan's Labyrinth. I really enjoyed Guillermo del Torro's version of the Hellboy movie: Colourful and quirky, and how could I possibly forget Pan's Labyrinth! Also directed by the same guy. Must watch again.


Emma Cowley said...

I love your Pan, really nice atmosphere and lighting. Do you do a pencil drawing and then add colour and extra shading in Photoshop?

Akbar Ali said...

Yup that's right. It started off as a pencil drawing then I added colour on Photoshop :)