Sunday, 12 July 2009

The Decline of a Thousand Eyed Bird

Hello people,

I produced this image as a response to the poaching of peacocks for its meat and feathers.

Ironically it seems that the proud national bird of India is slowly losing its symbolic representation of the nation that champions it due to poaching.

It' such a shame, it seems that slowly we'll only have photographs and illustrations left to remind us of our loss.


Tigz said...

bloody hell that's amazing! well done

June Chanpoomidole said...

Didn't realise there is peacock poaching. I thought they are like swans, it's illegal to hunt them.

Regardless, the illustration here is absolutely beautiful, you've done them proud. Well done Akbar!

Emma Cowley said...

This is a really gorgeous image, Akbar! I hope that the Indian authorities step in to stop the poaching. xxx