Monday, 20 July 2009

I'm Warning You Stranger


Just been drawing at the Natural History Museum. This tawny owl caught my eye, he's like:

"I'm warnin ya, you take one step closer an I'll av ya nose for tea!"

(note to akbar: *cough* its a stuffed animal).

I couldn't get much done, but I got these done too. The elephant was quite close up and considering its huge size the perspective was a bit funny.

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Leigh Russell said...

Wonderful place, and what fantastic sketches!
It was lovely to meet you at my book signing on 20th June, and very kind of you to let me know that you enjoyed the book.
I'll be signing copies of Cut Short in Waterstones in Harrow on Saturday, 25th July. You might want to come along and buy a copy of Cut Short for someone else - a book personally inscribed by the author is a unique gift.
You might even be kind enough to post a review on amazon, if you feel so inclined.
I hope to see you again on Saturday, and please tell all your friends!
With best wishes
Leigh Russell