Friday, 6 May 2011

Zombie time


Zombie greetings!

It's been a while since the Royal Wedding but me, Jen, Sam and others dressed up as zombies and headed off to Central London that day. As seen in the photograph, replete with amateur Photoshop-ing! I think Jen's nailed the zombie face. I'm getting there, I'm still a trainee zombie ORIGHT!

There were many zombies enjoying themselves some were there for political reasons, others just to have fun. Police were everywhere (we found out that some were surreptitiously without uniform in plain clothes). We were enjoying a picnic in a public space and were told to leave as we were supposedly likely to cause 'breach of the peace'. The police brusquely announced they'd give everyone 5 minutes to leave otherwise they would arrest us. There unjustified scare tactics were working as I was starting to feel intimidated and very uncomfortable. I usually recoil from talking politics, legality and rights etc, as I feel I don't understand it enough to make a contribution or an informed opinion, What if my opinions are wrong? Am I missing vital information? Am I talking to the right people to learn about a certain subject? Am I putting in enough effort? What is my position in such and such scenario? Does my opinion even matter? But what I saw that day shocked me and taught me a great deal. I was surprised at how rashly the police were dealing with the innocent public and making unwarranted arrests. We were nowhere near the location of the actual wedding; neither causing any unrest.  My stomach was churning and I felt like leaving. I managed to persuade Jen and Sam to just leave with me. I felt kind of weak and disappointed in myself taking the train home with these seasoned anarchists who make an effort to understand where and how they fit in as people on this soil and stand up to unjust behaviour.

Although it was quite a sad day we kinda had fun seeing all those zombies gathering!

Check Jen’s Tumblr out if you want more opinions and accounts on the matter (for example this post):

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