Saturday, 1 September 2012

Colour Me Wednesday Merch!

…and a Tuts patch throne in for good measure. Just wanted to take a few progress snaps, (these aren't very good photos).

My designs have a purpose in life now! CMW have been beavering away relentlessly to get the designs onto t-shirts, and patches. There’s also lovely tote bags that have been hand printed with love too, (very good quality I might add). Need to take pictures of them. If you live around West London go see these crafty, DIY bands live on Sunday at Uxbridge.


Melody Seal said...

Hey! These are awesome! Glad to see you're well into the illustrating life now, i've just got back from travelling and thinking about what to do next- new website is my main priority and then slowly getting back into the 'real' world, at least for a little while! Be good to catch up sometime once i am back in london :) Lots of love

Akbar Ali said...

Hi Melody! I hope you enjoyed travelling. It's wonderful to know your back home! Yeah, the real world can be annoying as hell. Just take your time, one step at a time. See you soon. xxx